BAR - New GFX updates Q1 2022
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Beyond All Reason GFX Update 2022 Q1

Beyond All Reason (BAR) to „duchowy następca” takich tytułów jak Total Annihilation czy Supreme Commander. Gra ciągle się rozwija. Zapraszam wszystkich fanów strategii do przyjrzenia się co nowego w Beyond All Reason (BAR). A na przyglądaniu nie kończcie – pobierzcie i zagrajcie!

Jak chcesz zagrać w BAR i wypróbować najnowszą mechanikę z lawą to wybierz mapkę Gehenna Rising

We have been working hard on improving visuals and performance at the same time.

Besides dozens of QOL improvements to the game, interface, bugfixing and loads more, this video only showcases some of the bigger GFX updates.

Lava/Acid Liquids shader: We now finally have hot(!) proper Lava. Our new shader also can be dynamic, and can emit special effects/sounds as well. It can also be acidic and we plan to add more custom liquid or smoke/cloud effects.

Unit info bars: All have been revamped into the new GL4 system and we now have custom bars and graphics for all different statistics a unit or building can have. Health, reload, stockpile, shield-charge, EMP status effect, capture and resurrect progress, etc.

Last but not least: We reached the next stage on the transition towards GL4 rendering, a much faster and better technique to both increase visual fidelity AND increase performance with huge leaps.

W ostatnim kwartale 2021 roku też się działo…

Groundbreaking engine improvements are live! Multithreaded pathing and new renderer deployed


Beyond All Reason – jak zagrać?

Beyond All Reason
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